Rotting Metal
Toxic Smoke
Deep in the Scunch
Automaton, awoke
It’s alive!

Glowing eyes on fire
Gears Turn

(Doctor’s grumbles)

Slowly Grinding Forward Sparking Crystal Fire
Slowly Grinding Forward Sparking Crystal Fire

Tearing through vines and trees
Charging his phaser beams

Striking at the heart
City power grid
Rips doors open he strolls right in
Purple lasers fly, neutron cell collapse
Siphon life from its crystal core!

He searches through his brainwashed mind to the find reason
Annihilation of human kind!
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Every second races by to its own end
The vision blinds itself by never looking in

Giants of old, be our demise, everything burns cold
His metal body impervious to your attack

He’s done, done it once, he’ll do it again
Destroying the human race is his purpose
Can’t explain what we see
It’s futile to plead or beg instead we bleed

Their minds full of fear and shame
Rockets blaring so fast
The payload set to decimate
Fire burning over landscapes, fall to ashes
The face of silver in the sky is judging all Man’s fate

Mechanical maniacal
Mechanical maniacal

Automaton will live on
The fire burns from his crystal core

Mechanical maniacal
Mechanical maniacal

Automaton will live on
Purple fire burning his crystal core
This metallic skeleton, with black blood lubrication
And the fire! Fire!
Burning all who dare cross his path
You am burning
All who dare
The horror
Automaton is here!


from A Quaint Anatomical Impossibility, released July 7, 2015



all rights reserved


DOCTOR PROFESSOR Los Angeles, California

Heavy, Progressive, Techy, Melodic, Discordant, Speedy, Galactic, downright Confusing at times - LA's tastiest new dish fermenting beneath the smog and sunshine... Duncan - Bass, Michael - Guitar, Mike - Guitar, Brad - Vocals

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